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Fudgy Buttermilk Brownies
16 servings Prep time: 10..

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Four Local Men Climbing Mount Matterhorn for Childhood Cancer
Box Climb charity started by..
The Matterhorn, located on the borde..

Articles for Volume 2, Issue 3

Health - Read All

5 Steps to Lasting Weight Loss
Lose the weight and keep it off!
The state of our bodies is directly linked to our quality of life. A healthy weight is crucial for happiness, wellness, long-term health care, confidence and motivation.
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Mental Health
Mental health is a critical element of Wholistic health and a vital resource for our livelihood.
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How Do You Fight the Flu?
Take preventative measures this season to guard yourself from the flu.
You can take steps to protect yourself from one of winter's worst "side effects"-influenza or the flu.
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Wellness - Read All

Are you Dense?
"Once you understand which foods are more nutrient dense, the rest is easy."
How do you decide which foods you want to eat? Flavour? Texture? Convenience? Comfort?
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How we grow
"What would it look like if you made a deliberate effort to reach your full potential?"
I was looking up the word "wellness" and came across these definitions.
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Life is best when lived with joy, hope and optimism
"With new possibilities come opportunities. And within these opportunities are courageous goals."
This article is for people looking for more-people who want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, do a triathlon, start their own business or find their passion.
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Safety - Read All

How safe is your mind at work?
Everyone wants to go to work and know that they are safe from harm or negligence from their employer.
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Winter Running Survival Tips
Today's high-tech running fabrics make it easy to enjoy winter running. Here are the things you need to know.
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The Interview - Read All

Christina Plaskos
St. Catharines physician is gaining new strength and peace of mind with the power of yoga.
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Non Profits - Read All

Betty-Lou Souter
NHS Chair has dedicated her life to the health and welfare of the Niagara community.
When Betty-Lou Souter was growing up in Montreal, she spent many of her formative years donating her time to worthy causes-whether it was serving food to patients at the Montreal General Hospital or volunteering at her local library.
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Recipes - Read All

Chili Chicken with Salsa
Four servings, prep-time: 10 minutes, marinade overnight
Chef Paul has over 14 years of experience cooking fine Italian cuisine and over 16 years of weight-lifting experience.
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Business Profile - Read All

The Peanut Mill Natural Foods Market
Health food store celebrates 35 years as Niagara's trusted source for alternatives.
"We pride ourselves on being Niagara's best source for quality natural products and friendly, personalized service."
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