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Job Site Construction Signs
By Julie Hurley-Morningstar
Informing the Public

Some Recent incidents at jobsites have proven that the general public is not fully aware of the specific warning and descriptive uses for construction site signs. The signs are used to provide safe traffic flow through the sites and keep vehicles away from specific site hazards and workers. These signs warn of unusual temporary conditions such as road work zones, diversions, detours, lane closures and/or traffic control people on the road. They are diamond or square shaped with an orange background and black letters or symbols.

These construction signs are from the Ministry of Transportation and mandatory on all jobsites. Supervisors and workers must be trained on how to use these signs and have a daily plan showing placement and protection for the workers and vehicles travelling through. Understanding and recognizing these signs will help us travel through jobsites in our areas this year. If you have a family member or friend obtaining their drivers’ licence, please share this article with them. Remember the construction signs are easily recognizable to be black and orange and out there to prevent injuries and accidents.

Please always remember to drive slowly through the construction zones—it could save someone’s life. HWS

Julie Hurley-Morningstar is a construction health and safety consultant. For more information, call 905.327.0672 or email


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