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Don't let stress make you sick!

By Corinna Brest van Kempen, B. Kin, R.M.T.
Don't let stress make you sick!

Stress has the power to lower your immunity. Long-term stress can increase your risk of getting sick. It is anything that drives your body away from homeostasis. That is, the equilibrium your body needs to maintain your health. The stresses in our lives are emotional and environmental. For this article, we will focus on the emotional.

Negative emotions such as:
• Agitation
• Anxiety
• Frustration
They have the power to slowly erode our health.

The common results:
• Aches and pains
• Poor digestion
• Stomach upset, etc.

Research has shown that approximately 70% of visits to a family doctor are stress related. That is, the conditions people often seek medical care for; the root cause is stress. In many cases, a prescription for massage therapy is often better than a prescription for pain medication. For several individuals, medical benefits through work cover all or a portion of the cost of massage therapy.

The common misconception of massage therapy is its role primarily for relaxation. While this is true, massage has several other remarkable benefits. Regular sessions cleanse the body of waste products that accumulate with stress. Many people often experience improved relationships as a result of fewer emotional outbursts at home. People also function better at work and around the home since, after regular sessions, their quality of sleep is enhanced. Often times, they feel like a new person after their session. So, consider choosing the natural alternative of massage therapy. Your body will thank you.

Corinna Brest van Kempen, B. Kin, R.M.T. is a Registered Massage Therapist serving the Niagara Region. For more information please call 905.941.5712.


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