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Being Considerate In A Time Of Need

Considerate Cremation & Burial Services Inc. provides a respectful and affordable option to traditional funeral homes.
By Scott Leslie
Being Considerate In A Time Of Need

Unlike a traditional funeral home, their facility has a modest office and all of their services are held off-site. They also have a reduced overhead. As a result, they can provide compassionate service at a much lower price than funeral homes. Their charges are approximately 50% less than most funeral homes.
After a lot of planning and research, Holly Jensen and Bruce McClelland quit their respective occupations as funeral directors and began looking for a location to open their new business. In December of 2016, “Considerate Cremation & Burial Services Inc.” officially opened at 52 Scott Street West in St. Catharines.
As the owners and operators, these two fully licensed professional funeral directors opened their own facility to make the process of honouring those important to us as simple and cost-effective as possible. They do it by providing full funeral services at prices that typically only cover an immediate cremation or burial options at funeral homes.
Holly and Bruce had noticed more families were choosing cremation and looking for simple personalized funeral services. Clients needed flexible and affordable funeral options that the existing funeral homes just weren’t offering.
They cite the fact that there’s a steady increase in the cremation rate which is currently 83%, up from 23% just 20 years ago. Requests to forgo visitation and full services are also becoming more common as families opt to customize memorials. The problem is that people are often forced to choose between having a service they perhaps can’t afford or trying to arrange a service on their own that more authentically reflects their loved one than that offered by a funeral home.
In many ways, Considerate Cremation & Burial Services is unlike any funeral service provider out there. As you’d expect, Holly and Bruce provide all the typical funeral services for their clients like taking care of the necessary documentation, obtaining signatures and certificates, setting up visitations, making preparations at the burial site and providing critical elements and contact with members of the clergy.
Since they don’t have a public visitation room or funeral chapel of their own, Holly and Bruce work closely with their clients to set up memorial or funeral services as well as receptions at the off-site location of their choice―whether it’s a church, winery or community hall. Holly and Bruce will coordinate every detail. They will also help families design a personal memorial that will properly reflect the wishes, interests and life of their loved one.
Not all deaths take place in a situation that’s conducive for the family to have a quiet time and some privacy. At Considerate Cremation & Burial Services, there’s a family room that allows for this very aspect of the arrangement process. It’s private, quiet, tastefully decorated and designed to give families the opportunity for closure that they may not have had at the time and place of death―whether it’s a hospital, nursing home or their own residence. Depending on where the event occurred―and with all the noise, confusion and chaos with strangers in their home or a strange environment―there’s not always time for quiet and privacy.
Bruce says that they can make a big difference when they’re dealing with a grieving family that doesn’t have life insurance or requires the assistance of a discretionary benefit to cover funeral expenses. Not all funeral homes accept the discretionary benefit or they may demand the difference be paid by the family. “It forces people to say, ‘Do I give up my rent money to pay for this?’” Bruce says. “It puts people in a bad spot when that shouldn’t happen,” Holly adds. “We just felt there was a better way to provide services at their time of need. It’s an honour for us to help families.” And that difference in cost alone can provide great comfort to grieving families.
Holly and Bruce are mindful when working with each family to address all matters in a comfortable manner to complete the arrangements. At their bright comforting office, Holly and Bruce will meet with families to go over the necessary paperwork and walk them through their available options to select a casket, urn or vault. They’ll assist families with cancelling things including Social Insurance Numbers and Health Cards and connect them with the proper service agencies applicable to clear up estate matters.
Holly and Bruce also offer pre-arranged service options. When pre-paying for your final wishes with them, you’re guaranteed against inflation based upon the original agreement. Pre-paid funeral funds are held by an investment house and are fully insured and guaranteed in the same manner as other financial institutions are controlled and regulated.
For those that commute or travel, Considerate Cremation & Burial Services offers a service called “Safe Return Assistance Plan.” This one-time insurance purchase covers all costs associated with bringing home a loved one who dies 100 kilometres (60 miles) or more from their legal residence in North America, no matter where a death may occur anywhere in the world. The charges to bring someone home from a distance may cost $8,000 to $12,000, and this protection is available for under $600. This service is also available for purchase outside of having a pre-arranged contract in place.
With nearly 48 years of combined experience in funeral service, Holly and Bruce have seen a lot of changes. But according to them, there’s one thing that never changes. That’s the need to help people at a time in their lives when they need it the most.
Considerate Cremation & Burial Services prices are more affordable―but that doesn’t mean they’re out to cut corners when it comes to service. As independent owners & operators and funeral service providers Holly and Bruce can take care of any burial or cremation request including green burial options.
“The caskets and cremation containers that we offer our clients are exclusively made in Ontario. We feel that it’s important to assist our own communities and promote growth for our province instead of purchasing these items from offshore suppliers. The best part is that the prices of our items are still on the better side of the economic scale for our clients than the items from elsewhere,” Bruce proudly points out.
“We’re here to serve families,” Bruce says. “This allows us to keep costs down. We’re also not beholden to shareholders and accountants. We’re able to do what a family wants and we won’t turn down a family’s request for a personalized service. It’s the freedom to serve a family the way they want to be served.” HWS

Holly and Bruce’s office is located at 52 Scott Street West (between Ontario Street and South Service Road), St. Catharines, Ontario. For more information please call 289.362.1144 or visit

“Compassionate Service For Considerably Less.”


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