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The Interview

Cyrus Mehta

Holistic medicine expert has gone from making business deals to changing lives with his new holistic consulting practice.
By Scott Leslie
Cyrus Mehta

For many years, Cyrus Mehta was an active entrepreneur in the environmental sector, setting up a technology-based firm known as JMI to help reduce fossil fuel pollution and eliminate contaminated drinking water and human exposure to hazardous work environments in India. Nowadays, however, he has become more concerned with the “inner” environment, helping people from all walks of life to experience major changes in their lives both personally and professionally.

As a devoted expert in the field of holistic medicine, Cyrus has been very busy since relocating to Canada this past October. In January, he established his own firm in Niagara Falls called Intent Consultancies Canada. He is also a partner with Barbara DaSilva at Celebrate Wellness, a clinic at 33 Lakeshore Road in St. Catharines.

An internationally renowned seminar leader, Cyrus has trained thousands of people from over 55 countries and this coaching background has proven invaluable in his current line of work. He currently offers the ReikiTECH workshops as well as the Lifetoolz Seminar. These two-day seminars help to bring forth a dramatic shift in an individual and provide participants with the tools they need to better manage the stresses and strains of day-to-day life.

The Interview

SL: You originally pursued a degree in business management and held executive positions with several corporations such as the Boodai Trading Company in Kuwait. What was it that made you decide to change course and eventually shift into the health care arena?
CM: I grew up in a business family so an entrepreneurial mindset in me is a given. My mother—an intelligent, broadminded lady—influenced me deeply. I enthusiastically investigated into many facets of our body, mind and spirit. I was also an extremely sickly kid and had many grievous, almost fatal injuries to the body. When I observed the effects of certain remedies and techniques on my body and emotions, it induced a deep desire to learn even more. It was only after 20 years of practicing on myself that I ventured into professional practice in the early 1990s.

SL: Holistic health care seems to have really caught on in recent years. What advantages do you feel holistic medicine has over a more traditional approach?
CM: The main benefit of a holistic approach to a disease or chronic issue is its depth. Rather than just mask or suppress a symptom, it goes to the root cause and tackles that. Many times, if not most times, the cause is in the emotions. And it is saddening to note most conventional physicians still refuse to accept the clear connection between the body and mind in spite of the overwhelming science-based evidence out there. In addition, the energetic dimension of our bodies is brushed off as absurd. Yet more and more people are beginning to recognise the body-mind-spirit connection and which inevitably leads them to a holistic approach.

SL: Your Lifetoolz Seminar is geared towards self-improvement—but what are some of the specific benefits participants can expect from taking your seminar?
The Lifetoolz Seminar is a program for personal transformation and professional excellence. In addition to the many tools and techniques that are introduced during the two-day seminar, the most significant shift that unfolds within an individual is the new context in which they begin to view their world and themselves.

SL: I understand your seminar has achieved a 98% success rate since it began. Why do you feel it’s made such a difference in so many people’s lives?
My seminar induces a shift in an individual whereby a state of joy, aliveness and satisfaction is generated internally. This means that the old paradigm in which one needed to “have” something first in order to “be” something or someone has been replaced by a new context.

SL: Thousands of people and organizations have taken your ReikiTECH workshops since the 1990s. What was it that first attracted you to the principles of Reiki?
I first learned how to channel the energetic field around us via Complete Yogic Breathing and my hands when I was attending university in Los Angeles back in the early 1970s. I’d always wanted people to learn to use their hands as a means to access this field and so address themselves holistically. And when I came across the venerable R. Chandran, he introduced me to the work of Mikao Usui San—the founder of what is called Reiki these days. He, in fact, did not call it Reiki, he called it the Usui System for Personal Perfection. I call it ReikiTECH because that is what it is—an energy technology—and developed the ReikiTECH Workshop series which have seen thousands of people around the world graduate from the program.

SL: What inspires you at this stage of your career?
: Our planet is at a tipping point and it’s not because of climate change or running out of fossil fuels. It is because we, the species that is at the top of the food chain on our planet, are operating from old and outdated ways of seeing each other and our world. I choose to do all I can to develop “Harbingers of A New Humanity” where acknowledging each others’ humanity becomes the common denominator first and foremost. Only thereafter are all other considerations like ideological, culturally and culinary, brought into our frame of reference.


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