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BEC Employment Services provides Niagara employers with customized employment suppo.

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BEC Employment Services provides Niagara employers with customized employment support services including job recruitment, training and potential financial supports to help your business thrive.

It’s common knowledge that the Niagara Region has one of the highest rates of unemployment in Canada. In a highly competitive job market, it’s important for job candidates to be open to new job search avenues and seek out support. It is even more important for employers to understand there are support services for recruitment, training and development.

The experts at BEC work hard for you, guiding you every step of the way.

Working Hard For You
At BEC, our dedicated team of job developers work hard to help local employers find success with their training and recruitment. Whether it’s supplying them with skilled job candidates, hosting a job fair or funding the cost of training a new employee, BEC Niagara provides region-wide support to employers.

BEC works together with employers in several ways which includes discussing their employment needs, hosting job fairs and assisting with job postings, offering space for job interviews, and providing access to a large group of qualified candidates including…