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Helping people get the most out of life means a great deal to someone like Brenda S.

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Helping people get the most out of life means a great deal to someone like Brenda Sharp. Brenda is a Certified Advanced Brainwave Technologist, and the owner of Brain Matters Wellness Centre in St. Catharines—the only Brainwave Optimization Centre serving the Niagara Peninsula.

Brainwave Optimization is a revolutionary new technology that facilitates relaxation and flexibility of the client’s own brain rhythms. This can result in optimum physical and mental health for virtually anyone at any age. During a series of sessions, clients listen to generated sound waves based on their individual brain patterns. Here, the brain becomes its own mirror and recognizes imbalances. It essentially recalibrates, resulting in balanced brainwaves which enhance the brain’s performance.

According to Brenda, Brainwave Optimization can make a dramatic improvement in the quality of people’s lives.

“Over time, emotional and physical traumas can cause a person’s brainwaves to become imbalanced or stuck,” she says. “These traumas can actually leave an imprint on the brain, and disrupt the patterns that are required to achieve a balanced and healthy state of mind.”

At Brain Matters, clients begin their sessions by receiving an initial…