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In the spring of 2009, Michelle Baranowski's mother died at the age of 60 after suf.

In the spring of 2009, Michelle Baranowski’s mother died at the age of 60 after suffering through a two-year battle with breast cancer.

It was a devastating blow for a normally optimistic person like Michelle. But it was even more troubling when Michelle remembered her grandmother was only in her 60s when she passed away. Michelle stopped and took a hard look at herself.

She knew it was time to start making some big changes in her life.

“It was a real awakening for me,” Michelle explains. “We had a nice house, two healthy children, everything we needed. But things were hectic, and I wanted more time with my family. Spending an hour or two a day with my kids and living for the weekends wasn’t the life I had dreamed of. I realized life is short, and your health is important. I didn’t want to end up dying young and missing out on my kids—or my grandkids.”

Overweight and suffering from asthma, Michelle started taking a serious look at her health and began the long process of getting back in shape. By chance, Michelle happened to meet another like-minded woman at a local fitness…