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Enjoying the great outdoors is something we all cherish in Niagara.

Cover photo courtesy of Lindsay Miller Photography

Enjoying the great outdoors is something we all cherish in Niagara.

And that’s no real surprise when we have all kinds of opportunities right on our doorstep, whether it’s taking a sun-dappled hike through the forest or fishing by the lake on a lazy summer afternoon.

But the big question is—how do we keep our precious green spaces and waterways safe for future generations to enjoy?

Fortunately, the environmental stewards at the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority know how to answer that question.

They’ve been committed to working on that issue for over 55 years now.

Stewardship In Action
The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) was originally established back in 1959 as part of the Conservation Authorities Act, and is mandated to protect and manage an area known as the “Niagara Peninsula Watershed.”

Niagara is home to one of the most diverse watersheds in all of North America. Hemmed in by the two Great Lakes and crisscrossed by several major waterways like the Niagara River, the Welland River, Twenty Mile Creek and the old and new canals, the Niagara Peninsula has many different climates and sensitive…