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Local leaders Northend Mobility and MacLeod Automotive give car..
Through their family business―Northend Mobility―which has been serving .
Every day, Kevin and his wife Carrie Anne Rabe meet someone who needs their help. It might be a disability or an unfortunate accident―but young or old, life has thrown them a curve ball.   
And in each case, the Rabes give them a little hope―a brand new lease on life. How?
Through their family business―Northend Mobility―which has been serving the greater Niagara community now for the past 25 years. 
Established in 1991, Northend Mobility is a certified provider and installer of mobility equipment for homes or vehicles located at 301 Aqueduct Street in Welland. It’s also the only manufacturer trained and certified service centre for accessible conversion vehicles in the Niagara area.
Northend Mobility works hand-in-hand with its sister company―MacLeod Automotive―which has been in business since 1983 and is located at the same location. MacLeod Automotive is a full-service automotive garage that can service and repair any foreign or domestic vehicle and get it back up and running.
Kevin says that having both business located at the same address is a perfect situation for their team and customers because it allows them to service vehicles that have undergone modifications as well as general maintenance on them.
“We’re a one-stop-shop…