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Certified mobility equipment provider and installer gives physi..
If you or someone you love is having mobility issues, there’s no need to feel.

If you or someone you love is having mobility issues, there’s no need to feel isolated or stuck in the house any longer. All you have to do is to call the professionals at Northend Mobility for help.

Situated at 301 Aqueduct Street just off Niagara Street in Welland, Northend Mobility has been a leading provider and installer of mobility equipment for over two decades. Since 1991, it’s been providing clients with physical limitations with the equipment they need to get in and out of their vehicle or home.

At the same location is MacLeod Automotive, a full-service automotive shop that has been repairing and serving both foreign and domestic vehicles since 1983. Whether it’s a tune-up, brakes or air-conditioning service, they can get you back up and running. The technicians at MacLeod Automotive can assess any mechanical issue and resolve it in a professional and timely manner.

It is this unique relationship that makes Northend Mobility and MacLeod Automotive stand out from the rest.

Northend Mobility and MacLeod Automotive are both owned and operated by Kevin and Carrie Anne Rabe. Having two businesses in the same location is a perfect situation for Kevin and…